Three Wise Guys 012

Three Wise Guys


Three Wise Guys Episode 012


Topic: The unemployment issue, a look at the causes, solutions and fall out of the current unemployment issues facing the world. To union or not to union.


Soapbox: Follow up on big brother


Hosts: Aaron, Preston, Ben

Three Wise Guys 011

Three Wise Guys #011


Topic: Big Brother, the rights and privilages of privacy


Soapbox: Quality control


Hosts: Aaron, Preston, Ben


A controversial topic this week, a look at the moral and ethical and legal rights being infringed upon by the surveillance. From its benifits to its ethical and moral issues. 


Also a soapbox on the benifits of buying quality.


Three Wise Guys 019


Three Wise Guys


Episode #019






Topic: Modern day Piracy, online and the open seas, featuring a thrilling real life encounter with pirates in Indonesia (Washed away with fire hoses) and how International waters muddy the already murky laws we line under. Also is online piracy harming the artists at all?


Soap Box: The marijuana laws in Canada and around the world and the path to legislation.


Three Wise Guys 010

Three Wise Guys 010


Topic: How to fix the world, was to reverse or halt the damage being done to our climate, can we use technology to fix the problems of technology. Can we maintain our standards of living with out sacrificing our standards of living. 


Soap Box: The Walking Dead


Hosts: Aaron, Preston, Ben


Three Wise Guys 009

Three Wise Guys #009


Hosts: Aaron, Preston, Ben


Topic: Education systems and faults. The various types of education across the world, with a close look at the German, American and New Zealand systems. How the changing standards and tests is ruining our system, the over emphasis on testing and comparison, maybe we should all be Finns.  


Soap Box: The Hazards of trusting people


Three Wise Guys 008

Three Wise Guys 008


Episode #008


Computerization of society, how many computers do we have today and how many can we expect to have 10 years from now, the privacy concerns, and the emergence of Google Glass, the final step to cyborgs. 


Hosts: Aaron, Preston, Ben

Soapbox: Political correctness and St Patricks day, how every white person in America is apparently Irish. 

Three Wise Guys 007

The better late than never Christmas special of Three Wise Guys,

Home Alone I, Fight Club, Shawshank Redemption, Hobo with a Shotgun, The outlaw Josey Wales, The Big Lebowski, The Thing

This week Aaron, Preston and Ben look at each other three favorite movies and what makes them great. Also listener feedback from our show on Military holidays.