Three Wise Guys 005

Three Wise Guys

Hosts: Aaron, Preston, Ben

Topic: Nanotechnology and the Singularity

Soap Box: Australian DJ’s



This week we look at nanotechnology, its roots, current uses, future applications and also its scary ethical implications.


On the Soapbox Ben steps up to give a more reasoned view at the saga of the Australian DJ’s and the prank call to Kate Middleton.



2 thoughts on “Three Wise Guys 005

  1. Hey wise guys, I think we can blame the fear of nanotechnology on The Borg. We are scared that they will be inserted into our blood stream to fight a virus or something and then the little buggers are going to take control. Nobody is thinking about the fabulous uses you are discussing.

    Also, as a Canadian, just a heads-up that your link above is incorrect. You have it as instead of 🙂

    • Thanks I will go through all our show notes because I think I got it wrong more than once.

      I think the Borg are partly to blame, its also a bit scary, an invisible evil almost. There is nothing you can to do save yourself from it if the worst happened.

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