Three Wise Guys

Three Wise Guys



Show #006


Topic: Globilisation


The effects of globalization on world culture and the possible insuring monoculture. Will media erode the cultural boarders that have stood for centuries? 


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Hosts: Aaron, Preston, Ben

12 thoughts on “Three Wise Guys

      • Don’t you think rather that it’s an us-versus-them dichotomy, e.g., the alleged majority in the “liberal media” vs. the implied alleged minority in the “conservative media”? It’s polemical – it’s not meant to imply unity of force, unless one is a conspiracy theorist and thinks the grouping is there because someone or some people are pulling the strings behind the scenes.

        I’ve never gotten the impression of unity even among the broadly labeled, I know media, politics and human nature better than that. But there are trends, and tendencies, that make broad social groups what they are.

        Classically, liberals believe that human nature is perfectible by human means. Conservatives believe that human nature is intractable by human means. Moderates believe that human nature is flexible within limits. But even those general and definable tendencies don’t make any of those groups all of a piece.

      • I dont think there is a over ruling “unity” between the left and right. But they do seem to share a similar world view, and naturally they tend to cover similar angles and opinions, which give the impression that they are united, where in truth they are only united against the other side.

        So I think there is “unity” not in the overlord type, but in shared beliefs and opinion, which give the impression of unity.

      • Incidentally, what I just said is very much part of the training and personal consciousness of my protagonists in speculative fiction, and in particular my leading hero. It’s something his friends and enemies alike know extremely well. But in their Metacosmic millieu, only something close to insanity would enable a person to deny the basic metaphysical realities that so many of us are so apt to turn our backs on in the Real World. At least we have the excuse of ignorance or blindness. They don’t. For them the only question is what to do about their knowledge of what human nature is. And that sets the basic dramatic pattern behind what I write.

  1. I think humans will never become a “monoculture” as you proposed..
    There are too many variations from one group to other, even in the same community.
    We naturally try to keep our groups small, the world wide web and our actual global connection means that we have more to pick, and feel identified. Is not others or cultures mixing together, it’s about our capacity to pick..
    We all grow immersed in a place fully charged with cultural content, that subtly drills into our heads, and it’s there, thousands of years of history, the places, the ways of doing things, we can share a lot, but we are diametrically opposed. I challenge you, to come here to Argentina, and look at the streets of Buenos Aires.. not what they show to you, but the real thing, that can’t be undone, and is great.. =)
    At least for now, in a future where the economic system has changed maybe there is a chance..

    • Interesting perspective that I hadnt considered. The internet allows us to retain individual styles by allowing us to connect with other like us that may be half a world away. So maybe its more of a global understanding, not a monoculture. Do you think the growing media presence in our lives will lead to greater diversity as we are exposed to more? Or just faster moving trends?

      Also I have actually been to Buenos Aires, a absolutely fantastic city, I was taken to an underground tango bar and saw the previous world champions have a dance off against the local champs, one of the best nights of my life.


      • I think it the same way as kids grow in a home. Despite being raised by the same parents and in the same place, they all have their unique personality.
        Cultural interaction, enriches us, but I don’t think it will blend us in a homogeneous paste.
        Every society has its own cultural background made of their experiences, that cannot be understood by people who don’t belong to the same culture.
        I can tell you my problems, you can share my feelings, but you will never feel the same as me.
        That is what I think about culture, and it’s really amazing to me, that today we can have access to the world trough a screen =)

      • I still think that globalization will blend all our cultures together a lot more, which I think is a very good thing as that will provide understanding. But I can see your point on people still holding firm to their own self identities and seeking out other like minded people.

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