Three Wise Guys 005

Three Wise Guys

Hosts: Aaron, Preston, Ben

Topic: Nanotechnology and the Singularity

Soap Box: Australian DJ’s



This week we look at nanotechnology, its roots, current uses, future applications and also its scary ethical implications.


On the Soapbox Ben steps up to give a more reasoned view at the saga of the Australian DJ’s and the prank call to Kate Middleton.



Three Wise Guys 004

Three Wise Guys Podcast #004

Hosts: Aaron, Preston, Ben

Topic: 3D Printing

Soapbox, Nationalism


This week we take a look at 3D printing and their effects on future markets and economies. The possible reviaval of the Mom and Pop shops, the increased survivability of cars and products once you can replace defunct parts.


Then on an extra long soap box Aaron takes a look at the rising tide of nationalism in Canada and around the world.


Three Wise Guys 003

Three Wise Guys

Hosts: Aaron, Preston, Ben

Topic: Green Falacy, Nuclear power

Soap Box: Security Theater


This week we take a look at the Green Falacy. Not all that is Green is good, not all who drive Prius’ are saints. All taking a look at the pros and cons of the greenest energy today, nuclear!

Three Wise Guys 002

Welcome to the second episode of Three Wise Guys.


In this week’s show we start with some listener feedback from our last show about the uses for jetpacks.


We then start in on our topic for the week, ranging from drone planes and their uses to the Research and Development of a new breed of pilotless Tanks.


We also touch upon the ethical implications of the use of such craft. From the deployment of them, to the physiological impact upon those who deploy or guide them in their use in warfare.


In this week’s soap box Aaron introduces a organisation that helps Canada’s veterans out when they need it the most.


Also visit Aarons blog, for more about his favourite hobby.

Three Wise Guys 001


Three Wise Guys

Episode #001

Host: Preston, Aaron, Ben

Topic: Science Fiction in Culture


Welcome to the first ever episode of Three Wise Guys.


This podcast isn’t a political platform, a current events show or a standard panel show. This is about three guys from completely separate countries, jobs, backgrounds and experiences sharing a unique look at a range of topics and events, from the effects of science fiction on modern culture (our first ever show) to technological break throughs and its effects on society. We don’t just look at the technology, or the media, or its implementation. We look at the whole, from its ethical uses, to the way it’s developed and its possible uses.



In this week’s show we take a look at Science Fiction and its effects on modern culture, From the Apple Ipad modeled after the PADD in Star Trek to the flying car and the mirror of TV shows and the decades they were made in, from the optimism of Star Trek in the 60’s, to the grim reboot of Battle Star Gallactica in the 2000’s.


From ex military, to a self confessed renaissance man of the sciences and arts, to a world traveled jeweler. Three Wise Guys offers a unique look at the world we live in today and will be tomorrow.


Welcome to Three Wise Guys!

This is the brand new blog for the Three Wise Guys Podcast!


WE have just reached our 20th episode and to celebrate we are introducing several new segments along with this Blog!


Here we will not only be posting our shows and show notes, but also supplementary posts by our hosts, Aaron, Preston and Ben.


Three Wise Guys is a general chat podcast, that theoretically technology based, but in reality we get side tracked into almost anything. WE aim to have a look at existing and emerging technology and cultural trends and discuss how they will effect us today, tomorrow and in the future.


With regular guest spots with specialists and with anyone who writes in with a innovative opinion, our goal is to make people think about tomorrow a little different. 


We finish every episode with the Soap Box, our own 10 minute forum to rant and rave about what ever has annoyed us this week.