Three Wise Guys 015

Three Wise Guys




Topic: Designer Babies


Soapbox: The Liberator Pistol


Hosts: Aaron, Preston, Ben


A look at the up coming ethical problem of designer babies and where the line may need to be drawn to seperate the levels of genetic engineering we will be facing in the coming decades.

4 thoughts on “Three Wise Guys 015

  1. Really enjoying listening to you guys. It would be a bit more interesting with maybe an expert on the subject at hand or citing some research or current event knowledge (such as it’s already been decided in the U.S. that only genes created in a laboratory-read, synthetic- can be patented lol), but for little loner girls like me, it’s nice to listen to an intelligent discussion on an interesting topic.

    A few thoughts: You touched briefly on this. Certain aspects of personality are inherent, but there hasn’t been enough research into what exactly causes that. There is a pretty well-defined theory that the environment in the womb is crucial… not just the genes. Because we’re not just printing out super babies. The will learn and grow, just like the rest of us had to and nurture defines much of our personalities. I don’t see that ever being controlled in a laboratory… it would take a massive experiment, involving controlling all aspects of a child’s upbringing… and this is completely unethical–John Watson’s Little Albert, anyone?

    On nurture… the genes controlled in super babies are only going to give the possibility of some abilities. If a child is say, given the ability to be artistic, but is never taught anything about art, it’s really not doing anything at all, is it?

    And seriously, I had a million more thoughts, but have to get to work… the last thing I wanted to say was that (you danced around this) black people do indeed sunburn. The ability to resist skin cancer, I can’t say because I really don’t know.

    But for real–I enjoyed listening to you guys. You’re entertaining.

    • Thank you for the feed back. Taking your points in order, (more or less):-

      Funny you should mention experts 🙂 In 2 hours we are having our first official interview with an expert, Prof Olson, a Prof of Literature about why Fantasy literature is not taken seriously by academics. We have just hit show 20 and are recording show 21 today, and we are doing a bit of a revamp to the show, adding a few short segments of a few minutes, and are going to try to have guest on most shows, either official experts or people like you who have a good knowledge and view on a topic. But we are trying to keep in mind that the main reason we started this podcast, is to appeal to the middle ground of people, people that arent heavily scientifically literate or usually care about it, so we want to be more accessible to them and relate it to their lives. After this interview I am posting a call to anyone with a good strong opinion and a interesting train of thought on a topic if they want to do a rebuttal interview on it. Trying to stay accessible 🙂 We actually have a very strong following in the Military (thanks to Aaron) which is exactly what we were aiming for,

      I agree on the point of it not being all about genes and that with out nurturing those aspects of a person they will come to nothing, infact there have been studies out of Oslo that pointed to the fact genes can actually self terminate if not used over the long term. Although if someone went through the trouble of giving their kids an art gene, one can assume they would teach them art 🙂

      I didnt know Black people can get sun burned, well I assumed they could under very extreme circumstances, but growing up in New Zealand where we have very hard sun due to lack of an ozone layer, the Pacific Island and Indian kids in my class (Didnt have someone of direct African decent) never seemed to get sunburned on Sport days like the European ancestory kids did.Although I am fairly sure they do have a high resistance to Skin Cancer, I will do some research and put it in the announcements of this weeks show as a correction.

      Thanks again!

      • Ben, thank you so much for replying. I was in such haste this morning to get all of my thoughts out that I wasn’t thorough or kind enough. I appreciate the audience you’re trying to reach. And I had to say that you guys have done a wonderful job of creating a thought provoking podcast… If that wasn’t already apparent in the way I just had to respond so quickly 😉 If anything, it was a fantastic start to my morning. I look forward to exploring your past podcasts and listening in the future. (I’ve only just discovered you today) Y’all have a fan.

      • Not at all 🙂 My favorite type of reviews and comments are ones that start with “You are wrong!” 🙂 provoking debate and dialog is very satisfying, although its always best to draw the line between proper debate and muck racking. Have a great day!

        Ben TWG

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