Twitter vs Facebook vs Blog

Twitter Vs Facebook Vs Blogs




Its an age old question, assuming your age is less than 10 years.


There are casual users for each who use them to stay in touch with people and find items and people of similar interests.


There are businesses that tend to ruin it for everyone by using all of them, at the same time, as just another venue to advertise and market themselves, usually with hilariously tragic results.


Facebook seems to be for everyone, old and young, to keep in touch. Almost everyone I know uses it, some more some less. For me it has almost totally replaced email as a way to rapidly keep in touch with friends and family around the world. And used in moderation, I think its great, the amount of times Facebook as told me I am in a country or city of someone I had no idea was there. Some of the best Real life moments in my life are due to Facebook warnings.


Twitter, if I’m honest, I must say I hate twitter. Its so full of either totally useless spam, business marketing, or people trying to get a trend or some slacktivisum, that the genuinely good stuff, is buried. I now use twitter solely to get the mood of groups of people. When Three Wise Guys got their account, I followed 20 random people from a bunch of different topics, so I we could see what groups of people were thinking about certain topics. The recent vote in Texas on abortion has been a good example of it. Numerous different group showing numerous stand points, some extreme, some not. But it will never give a understanding of a topic, it’s too small, to emotional and it is very rapid. People posting before they have time to really think about an issue.


I think Blogs are the happy medium, you get the voice of the people on topics, usually pretty rapidly as they happen. But due to their nature people have time to think and formulate posts, and respond, and have dialog. Dialog! Something missing from the rapid firing tweeting and texting.


Each thing has its place, and if you know how to use them, and how to take them with a ton of salt, can be useful in understanding issues. It helps you see the emotional, rational and intellectual aspect to issues. 

38 thoughts on “Twitter vs Facebook vs Blog

  1. For me, Facebook is my social medium – as you say, young and old access it. I got back in touch with my college roommate and dozens of old friends.

    Twitter, I really only use for business — I have software development blog ( ) and others who write code using the same technology are all on Twitter. I find it next to useless for anything else, as it contains too much chaff and not enough wheat.

    For me, blogging is not really that much of a dialog. Establishing a blog allows one to engage in a lot of one-way communication. Commenting on a blog post can lead to dialog, by my military history blog ( ) is entirely about giving me a chance to write about what I want to write about, giving me an opportunity to try various things with my writing and getting some feedback (moreso with statistics about what is popular). Hopefully, it allows me to stretch myself and hone my skills while researching to write a book.

    So, interesting post….

    • Facebook must be fascinating for historians and academics. I’ve heard a few time sin the last 6 months that FB is in decline or can’t last forever and will go the same way as MySpace. I cant see it happening. FB has such deeper penetration, into markets that don’t like change, such as the elderly. They are also very good and quick at adapting. FB will be a staple of the internet for a long long time. For a lot of people it even acts as a search engine, which must terrify Google.

      I think Twitter, is only good for marketing, what good it used to have has almost been drowned in spam and useless tweets about dinner and what people are watching. But I did find that interesting. Analyzing large portions of the population through twitter. It might have some wider uses that are above an individuals use.

      For the three of us who do this blog and the Podcast, I find Blogging is the best source of open dialog. Emails are one on one and tend to be slow. Twitter is useless for debates, I wont have my points constrained by 160 characters. So the debates in Blogs, that anyone can see and join in on, is a great way of sharing thoughts and having your own ideas refined down. For us the best thing is just making someone aware and thinking of a topic they hadn’t considered before.

  2. Unlike David, my blog about new (to me) authors and their books is my main thing, FB, Twitter, etc, are all just a means of sharing the articles I write and give the featured authors even more publicity 🙂

    • What do you find more effective at getting attention to your articles? Twitter or FB?

      But I agree that you just cant reach the same audience on FB or Twitter that you can with Blogs. FB tends to be your friends and family, twitter, again with some networked people thrown in. Blogs people search by topic and preference.

      BTW I guess I should say this is Ben writing and responding 🙂

      • All my accounts for FB, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc, are purely billboards for the blog itself and putting the authors out there for wider publicity than my blog can give them.

        The blog itself has 335 followers compared to 417 on my FB Timeline, 132 on my second FB page Promotion of New Authors and Books, 63 on Google + and over 500+ on LinkedIn, then theres 39 on Pinterest, plus I don’t know how many in the various other places I have a presence.

        However, as I say, THEY are purely for publicity for the authors.

        My blog has found me a lot of friends around the world and the banter is great, making it very enjoyable – for ME, my blog is best 🙂

      • Thats what I have found a lot from Twitter, it is either useless fluff, or just linking to other sites or articles, either by businesses or individuals. I find it useful for following groups of people and seeing their reactions to world events and news. But I find very few people follow links and such. Its almost a emotional thermometer 🙂

        Pintrest seems more for arts and crafts then anything. I havent looked much into it.

    • Do you use Linked In to broadcast as well? Both of my blogs post to Linked In, but my software blog also does Twitter, while my military history blog does Facebook. My connections in Twitter are technical people, while I have many historians on Facebook.

      • I’ve never used Linked at all, honestly I thought it had kind of died out in recent years. Sort of like the myspace of the business world. Our main propagation seems to be word or mouth, We have strong following in the military and quite a few campus. Twitter works well for getting attention, but for new listeners and for relations with listeners, nothing beats a blog, the old one we did had horrible software, so far wordpress is much more user friendly for us.

  3. Thanks for following…… now I’m following you guys! Catching up on previous podcasts. I enjoyed the pirating one. DRM is particularly irksome. I can buy a physical book, lend it to a friend or sell it when i’m done but no such luxury with DRM’d ebooks. While Amazon is pervasive and ubiquitous, I would hope that anyone who publishes would also consider an epub format for the multitudes who won’t be slaved to Amazon’s proprietary .mobi format. Cheers to your amusing and informative podcasts!

    • Ben:-

      eBooks are interesting, as I said in the show I read 80-90% of my stuff in digital format now, I only buy a “real” book when it is something I love and I want to “own” a copy of it. I dont mind that you cant on sell a eBook, I consider it part of the deal since eBooks are usally cheaper, but saying that I went to buy a Dresden Series book by Jim Butcher the bother day an a eBook was $1 cheaper!! Where are their over heads on that!

      • I know! The new books are prices high because they know we don’t want to wait. Seem weird since once the format is made what price is a copy? I only buy art and sewing reference books in physical form these days. Sometimes it’s good to buy from the publisher. Baen Books is one that is usually fairly reasonable with prices and they have a selection of free books by way of introducing authors.

      • I will say the one huge positive I find with the internet and sites like Facebook. is quite often you can contact artists, writers, and designers directly to find whats best for them and you. A lot of musicians especially are choosing not to sign with labels because in the past they got such bad deals by them.

  4. So here is my confession—I am much older than 10, remembering life when it was a pay phone and a dime that kept one “in touch”—Instagram equated to the new fangled polaroids…..I don’t “do” Facebook or twitter…..
    For a long time, when I was still in the classroom (31 year high school teaching veteran), it was really frowned upon for an educator to have a Facebook—we see, in the news, almost daily about teachers getting into all sorts of trouble over their Facebooks. Teachers still have them, still making principals nervous, etc…I also didn’t think it a positive as I watched too many kids get caught up in and in trouble with the whole cyber bullying via Facebook, etc…I saw adults ruin marriages by “re-connceting” when that wasn’t the wisest thing to do….and others simply got hooked 24/7 posting things no one else really cared about—-but yes, there are advantages–I just didn’t and don’t see the need of being sucked in—I still really like using an actual pen and stationary—a novel concept these days………
    Twitter seems to be what arrogant societies, that think too much of themselves and their opinions and activities, do when they think the world should know or needs to know—no one really needs to know—it seems to be a false way individuals work to build up fragile egos—a need for instant gratification and an inflated sense of self importance—for the most part—I could care less what actors and politicians are currently doing or thinking—I have enough in my life that needs my attention…..I do not care about who said what when, where, why and how….let us all put our own houses in order first before we attempt doing so for others…..
    Blogging has come about as a natural flow– for when I retired from the classroom—a natural transition– to a continued desire to share and teach others as that is what teacher do, they share… this way, those who want to read may do so, and those who don’t want to read, don’t have to 🙂
    Thank you for allowing for me to comment on your post—as I found your overview informative–thank you for teaching the teacher 🙂

    • Facebook, I dont think much of it as a way to convey ideas and opinions. For me, and many it is a way to keep in touch, especially since it us much more common for people now days to travel widely for work and family. Family groups and social groups can reach across country and over oceans.

      I agree of the dangers of public figures and role models having Facebook accounts, but I have read and heard several times over the last year or so, that many employers will look up prospective employees Facebook accounts before hiring, and existing employers spy on their works to see how they behave in the weekend or if they say anything about the company. And if you, shock horror, dont have a Facebook account, it as seen as you have something to hide.

      But I fully, 100% agree, Twitter is the embodiment of narcissism!

      Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

    • Facebook, I dont think much of it as a way to convey ideas and opinions. For me, and many it is a way to keep in touch, especially since it us much more common for people now days to travel widely for work and family. Family groups and social groups can reach across country and over oceans.

      I agree of the dangers of public figures and role models having Facebook accounts, but I have read and heard several times over the last year or so, that many employers will look up prospective employees Facebook accounts before hiring, and existing employers spy on their works to see how they behave in the weekend or if they say anything about the company. And if you, shock horror, dont have a Facebook account, it as seen as you have something to hide.

      But I fully, 100% agree, Twitter is the embodiment of narcissism!

      Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

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  6. Can’t agree more! I love blogging! It does give people a chance to talk about things that matter to them, or even things that aren’t covered in mainstream media a lot

    • Funny you should mention the media, thats what I love about blogs, they quite often cover the same stories that the media does, but give you more information or look at it from a different perspective, I always try to read blogs of people that I know have a different stand point to me so I can see what points they are making, it can be very enlightening.

  7. Hello, and thank you for following my blog. I likewise plan to follow you here, because I really like what you’re about. Keep up the good work, and I hope to do the same with my own blogging!

    As for your topic, I’ve utilized both FaceBook and Twitter, but found the latter to be too random and hard to follow. Maybe it’s because I love to write a lot, so when tweeting I end up running out of room before my first sentence is finalized! FaceBook, on the other hand, is more for keeping up with friends. I do link both services to my blog however, so my friends and/or followers on each can check it out. And from there we can have our heated discussion about the topic at hand, via either the public comments or privately through email.

    • Sure and thanks! I have your blog marked for my weekend reading! I was planning a post on the pyramids soon myself.

      I agree about twitter! I have a rule, that if I go to write a tweet, and it doesnt fit, I just dont post at all. I refuse to censure myself to fit in an arbitrary limit.

      Facebook, I enjoy, but I dont use it for media, I use it to keep in touch, if people want to read our posts or listen to the show, they know where to find us!

  8. thoughtful observation. Facebook for family and friends and spiritual leaders and teachers is my go to place for getting a view of what’s happening; blogging and reading those whose courage to express their hearts inspires. Looking forward to keeping up with you! Thank you for the follow.

  9. I know that I’m part of a minority but I don’t use Facebook or Twitter … Blogging is perfect for what I want to do (share my love for fashion inspirations). Anyway, thank you so much for the follow ! Greetings from Marseille, France !

  10. I loathe Twitter. The only reason I have an account is because the PR folks said I should. I tweet once a day, if that, and I do not follow the feed, meaning it’s not a great way to entice me to do anything.

    Facebook is fun. I live on the other side of the world from my family, so Facebook has been a really great way to stay connected. I’ve also caught up with friends I lost touch with years ago. I don’t engage in many of the social aspects of it, though. Comment feeds, games, chat. I use it to post pictures and look at everyone else’s pictures.

    I’m new to blogging. I started a blog because I needed an online presence for my book. It’s been an interesting experience. I think the dialogue that arises from posts is much more interesting than what I find on Facebook and Tumblr.

    Tumblr is strictly for looking at pictures of cats and shirtless men, btw. 😀

    • It seems to be the theme that most people use FB for a email substitute, it is now such an ingrained piece of our culture that almost anyone can find a use for it, either casually for keeping touch, or extreme stalking.

      I think twitter will suffer the same fate as myspace did 5 years ago, it got flooded with pages for businesses and bands and people got in ego contests to see who had the most followers. Twitter seems much the same way with people desperate for follows.

      I must say, I have never once looked at Tumblr, not that I am opposed to it. Its just never crossed my path.

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  12. Facebook has the feel of being at a party. Friends show up and banter in groups because they know each other. The groups never mingle, or rarely. The atmosphere is either light and fluffy, or close to hostile. It’s great to share casual experiences, photos and stay in touch with friends even though you don’t have a lot in common.
    Shortly after joining Facebook I started blogging in the hopes of finding a community of people who enjoyed conversations on topics they like. The blogging community is much more relaxed and enjoyable to me. Visiting other peoples blogs is like coming over to their house, enjoying their art, music, books, decor and chatting about those things.and then inviting them over to your place. I am very grateful to have discovered the blogging community as it satisfies a need I have to chat about things that are important to me with those who have similar interests.

  13. Howdy are using WordPress for your blog platform? I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying to get started
    and set up my own. Do you need any html coding knowledge to make your own blog?
    Any help would be really appreciated!

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