iTunes: User friendly no more?

Computer programs have seemed to be getting more and more user friendly, this is a trend headed mostly by Apple.

Three Wise Guys Podcast, 5 long, long steps away in iTunes, 1 away in Google!!!!!!

Apples tag line has long been, it just works. It doesnt need years of training and a manual thick enough to stop a RPG to get it to work.


What is that?!?!?!?!

But iTunes seems to be damn near indecipherable to lots of people. It is cluttered with suggestions to get you to buy stuff, its covered in advertising, and its always moving. Add to that the fact that I cant remember the last time I opened it with out it telling me it needed to be updated…

If, by chance, you want to find something on their yourself with out just buying whats on the chart (for an inflated price), well good luck, we’ll wait a week for you then hold a simple memorial service, since you were undoubtedly lost somewhere in there.

When we first submitted our show to iTunes podcasts, it took them three weeks to notice a RSS feed that takes most people, 4,2 seconds. They placed it in the wrong section, and over 6 months latter, still have the blurb wrong.

The most common question we have received for the show, is not what topic is next, or when we are going to revisit a topic with lots of feedback, its where is it on iTunes, since that is where most people get most of their music/podcasts from.

Even the search function isnt a lot of help, being hidden away in the corner, iTunes draws you attention away from it with flashing banners on their latest high market hits. Then once searched, it offers nice suggestions on anything but what you actually want.

I have never had the heart to explore the other feed options provided by Google or Microsoft. Since Apple was supposed to be the easy one, I am almost afraid to think what those look like. I just dont have the heart to try.

So we Blog and we Tweet (oh how I hate twitter almost as much as iTunes) and Facebook away, hoping one of those never ending updates will finally fix something!

Three Wise Guys = Subscribe, can iTunes do it with out blowing up a RSS feed?

It takes 5 steps to find it on iTunes, it takes 1 on Google.


18 thoughts on “iTunes: User friendly no more?

  1. I hear you. V10 wasn’t so bad…this V11 is so bad and clunky that it clogs up my 6 core processor when trying to load it. I had to go back down to V10…even then I don’t like using it. Thing is, Google Music and Microsoft music are all blah too…at least they work. 😛

    • I “think” I have V 10.crap. It is so unusable that I only power it up to back up my phone once a month.

      I think the last iTunes I liked was either 7 or 8. Very smooth, very simple, and it didnt fire flashing banners at you.

      Honestly, iTunes had better podcasting software before they tried to “fix” it.

  2. Was it ever? I have never found iTunes user friendly – it is slow and such a drain upon the PCs RAM. The best thing that Apple can do is to implement a simple drag and drop interface for iDevices.

  3. I think the retarded nature of i-tunes is by design. Apple probably doesn’t condone anything windows. You can’t keep a market cornered if you share.

  4. I actually use an iTunes alternative called iFunbox. It<s pretty good, but even better if your iDevice is jailbroken. It's created by the Dev Team, a skilled group of hackers.
    Another one I never used but think it looks cool, is MediaMonkey. It<s made especially for Music. Both are free I think. But I still use iTunes though.
    And also, thanks for following my blog. I will follow yours.

  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s found iTunes to be increasingly more sh*tty with each update. I really wish there were viable alternatives to this unholy mess of an interface.

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