Disillusionment With Western Sci-fi?

Well not so much disillusionment as disappointment…maybe?



One of my favorite games is Fallout 3 and then Fallout: New Vegas, both worlds are large and visually interesting (well somewhat) but story wise, nothing grabs me. Even the usual stellar B plots are just uninteresting.

Contrast that Metro 2033, both the novel and the game. They have an intense dark atmosphere and a rich interesting world. All the little stations have a personality to them, you can taste Artyom’s fear in places. The game replicates it quite well, within it’s confines.

And it seems that Metro’s author making the story as an allegory to modern Russia is what does it. Realising that the story has more then one level is fantastic. But Fallout never reaches that.

But I play to poke my head in holes and shoot things.



3 thoughts on “Disillusionment With Western Sci-fi?

  1. I found Fallout 3 a beautiful environment to play in, but the newer video games lack the “grab me” that the story needs. I like the way the Fallout universe was set up, but they need to work on the story lines. Just my humble opinion. I like the way you described your play style btw;’But I play to poke my head in holes and shoot things.’ I feel that way too. =)

    • Bethesda seems to have a blind spot when it comes to main story lines. Oblivion, Skyrim, FO3 and FO:NV (well Obsidian) all have grand scale but fail to grab me. I can’t put my finger on why though. Yet the Dark Brotherhood, Fighters Guild, and The Companions have interesting and engaging stories. The Companions being one mans search for redemption is quite poignant.


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