Three Wise Guys 020

Three Wise Guys


Episode 020, Listen Direct or on iTunes!




Topic: Synthetic Life, Biological Robots. A look at the different portrayals of synthetic life in movies, from Ash in Alien to the artificial life in Blade Runner. Then we look at where we are in the development of this technology and what we can expect from it in the coming years.


Soap Box: Animal right and where to draw the line. A talk about the changing face of animal rights, from the vegans to the carnivores, where do we stand and what should we tolerate in the treatment of animals.

5 thoughts on “Three Wise Guys 020

  1. Hello thank you for following my blog. I appreciate your stopping by and following! You blog title says don’t ask so I won’t but if I could ask I would ask…what are you testing for in the photo above? Question not asked just pondered! Have a super day! 😀

      • Wow you are a wise guy! I think that is amazing! I am always pleasantly surprised at the variety of blog topics that are shared on WP. You must be a researcher, I find that fascinating. 😀

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