Whats the Use:- Twitter, Facebook, Blog

This is essentially a part two of this post, where you, our loyal readers and listeners, let forth a avalanche of rage and hatred at social media, primarily Twitter, but old favorites like Facebook  did not escape your wrath.





What seemed to be a underlying theme from everyone’s feedback, was that twitter had no purpose.


To contrast them I’m going to show the typical use of each media, or at least how most people try to use them before being driven into a psychotic rage. 


Most people, us included use their personal Facebook, to keep in touch with friends and family, some people use it a bit much and spam everyone with Farmville news, but Facebook, actually does have some rather useful features for ignoring someones posts with out offending them by unfriending them. I seem to use this feature for all my relations under 18 you just spam useless updates or photos that were emailed around a decade ago. I personally refuse to use my personal page to promote projects I personally, or Three Wise Guys as a group work on.


That is what, Facebook group pages are for. It has a nice interface, it allows people to follow or not follow as they choose with out offending the individuals involved. The posts can be long, well written, have the ability for feedback that is easily visible to everyone. We personally use Facebook as the first place to launch new shows and features, not because the audience is biggest, infact our Facebook page has less followers than the other sites we have, but because it is so user friendly


Blogs. well funnily enough, everyone seemed to like blogs, strange for a blogging site… But personally I dont just think that is a selection bias. It allows you to compose your thoughts in a wide variety or formats, it is personalised, and it allows you to connect with people of similar interests and best of all, exchange ideas in a open forum.


A media that is not much used, although it popularity is growing so fast iTunes is dedicating larger and larger portions of its makeup to it, is Podcasts. Although by far the most labour intensive of all the options, for us it is the most fun and gratifying. I creates a open and honest dialog, we can receive feedback from people with a huge range of backgrounds, and even do live interviews allowing people a wide audience that they otherwise might not get. This option is obviously not for everyone in terms of production, but in terms of consumption of ideas and the possibility of a wide audience for feedback and thoughts, nothing comes close.


The form of media that received almost universal hatred, was Twitter, not a single person out of the dozens that replied to our last post and our show on it, had a single nice thing to say about it. People are either forced to use it by PR and human resources for their firm, or just link it directly to their blog or show. With very limited freedom for what you can say, the butchering of language to fit with in an arbitrary limit, and the utter, utter, utter spam that spews forth from it. Twitter is full of businesses trying to be savy, but coming off sad, narcissistic celebrities who are leaving it in droves after being flooded with hate from the trolls that infest it. For us, our twitter audience is of a decent size, but we just use it to link to the show or our blog, as the character limit does not allow for anything else. Consider people usually just subscribe to the show, its not even really needed. If we all stop using twitter tomorrow, would anyone care? would it matter? does anyone get any use of it? Apparently not.


In summation:-

Blog yay

Facebook, a reserved yay if used right

Podcasting, a tired yay after much work

Twitter, Booooooooooo



22 thoughts on “Whats the Use:- Twitter, Facebook, Blog

  1. As for Blog, FB and Twitter I am having the same thoughts. But I don’t have any experience with iTunes Podcasting, so thank’s for sharing! 🙂

  2. I’m surprised by the hostility against Twitter. Very useful (near-)real time interaction. Information gets propagated quickly. Sure that comes with the evil of propagating misinformation, but also means if a user masters using Twitter, they should have a strong grasp of social media.

  3. I believe it’s how you use Twitter. For the longest time I couldn’t get into Twitter for those reasons. But I’ve actually connected to some cool people, news reporters, bloggers, and others, and I like the idea of seeing a stream of what they are talking about. I’m tired of Facebook. But I’ve had mine since 07, when it had opened up to high school students.
    The trick to Twitter is finding a community. Then you can be entertained and enlightened in 140 characters or less. 😉

  4. Twitter can be a very useful medium once you’ve found the right people to follow. I recently wrote a blog post describing my thoughts about Twitter in a bit more detail:

    • I do use it to see the opinion of people to world events, but the issue is even people who do sometimes ave good opinion also have a lot of spam, you see people with 18000 tweets… no one is that insightful.

      • twitlistmanager.com, guys. you categorize your subscriptions and then only see what you want. although of course far from what facebook allows

  5. Actually, I use and enjoy Twitter. I have fewer than 100 followers, so I don’t receive much spam or hate. I’ve actually made some contacts outside of my regular circles of influence through hashtags and common themed tweets.

    As for the form of the media, I enjoy the challenge of whittling down a sentiment to 140 characters. I do agree that Twitter seems to have become the pithy remark king of the world, and that real life-changing interaction cannot be accomplished in 1-2 sentence bursts.

    Still, I like it 🙂

  6. Thank you for the summation. I’ve been waiting for intelligent and thoughtful commentary on this subject. I am interested in podcast for myself. Do you have any links or guidance for me?

    • Not specifically unfortunately, there is no good step by step guide to podcasting that I found at least, there seems to be several methods and programmers, ranging from free to pay per use. If you have any specific questions I can help, but as ever kind of show requires different software its hard to do a guide in general.

      • Thank you. A seed has been planted but I have yet to water. I was just sending out feelers to see if it is time for me to get into it.

  7. I think it’s the bloggers (like me) who are the narcissists. We have such brilliant things to say that they simply cannot be contained in a tweet! That’s why I prefer blogs 😉

  8. i also have to somewhat disagree on twitter. i agree it is probably the least user friendly of the three platforms mentioned. if it disappears tomorrow, i won’t miss it and i don’t have much time to check it regularly, which occasionally gives me anxiety, but used with twitlistmanager, it allows me to get some great thought leadership which i would have never discovered through google. and it’s brilliant for plugging into the community, as people above said. i like 140 character limitation, may not be great for business, fantastic for art & writing. why do you not mention Linkedin though? it could present a competitor to Twitter for limited functionality 🙂

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