Three Wise Guys #021.1 Interview with Prof Corey Olsen AKA the Tolkien Professor

Three Wise Guys


Episode #021.1 Interview with Professor Corey Olsen, listen direct, or through iTunes, and the catalog




Topic: Fantasy and Sci-fi in Academia and society, its roots, its future, and why it is not taken seriously my academics and critics.


This is a interview recorded for show 020: Science Fiction and Fantasy, put posted separately. It features an interview with Professor Corey Olsen of Signum University and the Mythgard institute, online he is known as the Tolkien Professor and has run his own very successful podcast detailing the works of JRR Tolkien and Fantasy in general. The interview goes for about 40 minutes and covers the history of fantasy literature, its perception by the public and academics, and how it effects our lives every day.

8 thoughts on “Three Wise Guys #021.1 Interview with Prof Corey Olsen AKA the Tolkien Professor

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  2. I like this. I would like to do an interview sometime possibly, too. I work with former Lt. Cmdr of the US Public Health Service, Dr. Manuel F. Casanova. We are studying the possibility that prenatal sonography could possibly trigger developmental disorders such as autism.

    Lots of stuff to talk about. Have good points that I think everyone should be educated about, but would be hard to find unless you looked specifically for them. Let me know sometime –

      • I have two undergrad degrees in biology and chemistry, worked in a physics lab for 4 years, microbiology lab, organic and analytical electrochemistry, and biodiesel production.

        Coincidentally, each of my projects involved ultrasound in some way.

        I will be receiving my PhD working with Dr. Casanova in the upcoming few years, so that is coming. I’ve pretty much already written my thesis and it’s on this subject.

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