Three Wise Guys #022

This weeks show takes a look at the established and growing trend of designer drugs, both legal pharmaceuticals and illegal highs. What are the legal, societal and political issues that we face when dealing with this trend in our societies.  




The problems with trying to outlaws them, the issues with rapid addiction and the possible of home made drugs.


From their birth mid way through last century to their shift from the laboratory to peoples bathrooms and barns. 


Also our soap box looks at the worlds reaction to Edward Snowden and how countries that show support for him and contempt for the USA still dont offer him asylum. 


And this weeks Legend or Loser, Wimbledon Winner Andy Murray!


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2 thoughts on “Three Wise Guys #022

  1. Thought provoking. . . makes you wonder the reason for this ‘trend’, why society is becoming dysfunctional with the growing list of socially, emotionally, mentally and not to mention physical and spiritual disorders. Saw a video recently that attributes the pervasive darkness, corruption and evil to a sinister, conspiratorial, other-worldly, Luciferian-related cause that has fallen upon America and the world like a dark pall, foreboding of doom and destruction. BTW thanks for visiting my blog ‘God’s Enduring Love’

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