This podcast isn’t a political platform, a current events show or a standard panel show. This is about three guys from completely separate countries, jobs, backgrounds and experiences sharing a unique look at a range of topics and events, from the effects of science fiction on modern culture (our first ever show) to technological break throughs and its effects on society. We don’t just look at the technology, or the media, or its implementation. We look at the whole, from its ethical uses, to the way it’s developed and its possible uses.


From ex military, to a self confessed renaissance man of the sciences and arts, to a world traveled jeweler. Three Wise Guys offers a unique look at the world we live in today and will be tomorrow.


203 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello three wise guys 🙂 I appreciate you following my blog! I am intrigued by yours and will be looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂

  2. Hey wiseguys! Thanks for following my blog! I like that you all have different interests and perspectives on things. That probably makes for a good listen!

  3. You remind me of Curly of the Three Stooges: “Wise guy, ah? yack yack yck”
    Life is beautiful and full of wackos. THANK GOD!
    Interesting blog, is what I meant. Thanks for following – speaking of wackos – my blog. Looking forward for fun.

  4. Many thanks for finding and following dragonshades where different perspectives are explored visually. Thanks too for your various insights and humour and muttering – as a happy wife and mother of two sons I know exactly what it is like to be around three wise guys.

  5. Hi I have no idea why you chose to follow my blog, but I must say that I am very grateful because it has brought me here and it looks fascinating and thought provoking. Thank you

  6. You are wise to have followed my blog because it has brought me to your own. I am also a little wise for I am going to click the follow button, but being three wise guys, you already knew that, I suspect. I look forward to reading your insights. Thanks for the follow x 3.

  7. To greet you as “Wise guys” or the Three Wise Monkeys could be misinterpreted so I will say, Hello you three wise men (I assume you are men):-)
    Welcome to the blog Mo-Ments or Idle Thoughts where I do not doubt (because of your motivation) you will find something to spur you on. Feel free to use my material, here or elsewhere, if you feel it will help your cause. It is free everywhere.
    All the best in your endeavours!

  8. Hey thanks for following my blog! A jeweler, a military man, and a self-named renaissance man? That’s a great group for a blog, and I look forward to listening.

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  10. Thanks, Wise Guys, for following my blog. Hope some quips fit your interests and/or concerns. Best to all in your studied, intriguing world view and its beneficially-implied results.

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