Revenge or Rehabilitation?

This weeks post/episode takes a look at the always controversial topic of the justice system. With a massive prison population an a never ending war on drugs adding to the issue every day, soon 1 out of every 100 men in america will be in prison at some point in their life.




Is prison to answer to all the crimes we use it for, does a white collar money launderer deserve to be in the same place as rapists and murderers


Does sating the need for revenge trump our social responsibility to people who quite often are a victim of circumstance?


Also on a related note Preston takes a shot at bad drivers who many think deserve prison as well. And Canadas new government sponsored nark app. 

Three Wise Guys 017

Three Wise Guys




Topic: Psuedo Science and Same Sex civil rights


Soapbox, Florida Court Case on same sex couple


Hosts: Aaron, Preston, Ben


Summery, A look at some of the many forms of psuedo scince passing off as real medicine and science in our community, the harm they can do if taken seriously and the costs, both financial and ethical, of letting them continue.


Also a look at following the spirit of the law, rather than the letter.

Three Wise Guys 011

Three Wise Guys #011


Topic: Big Brother, the rights and privilages of privacy


Soapbox: Quality control


Hosts: Aaron, Preston, Ben


A controversial topic this week, a look at the moral and ethical and legal rights being infringed upon by the surveillance. From its benifits to its ethical and moral issues. 


Also a soapbox on the benifits of buying quality.


Welcome to Three Wise Guys!

This is the brand new blog for the Three Wise Guys Podcast!


WE have just reached our 20th episode and to celebrate we are introducing several new segments along with this Blog!


Here we will not only be posting our shows and show notes, but also supplementary posts by our hosts, Aaron, Preston and Ben.


Three Wise Guys is a general chat podcast, that theoretically technology based, but in reality we get side tracked into almost anything. WE aim to have a look at existing and emerging technology and cultural trends and discuss how they will effect us today, tomorrow and in the future.


With regular guest spots with specialists and with anyone who writes in with a innovative opinion, our goal is to make people think about tomorrow a little different. 


We finish every episode with the Soap Box, our own 10 minute forum to rant and rave about what ever has annoyed us this week.