Three Wise Guys 001


Three Wise Guys

Episode #001

Host: Preston, Aaron, Ben

Topic: Science Fiction in Culture


Welcome to the first ever episode of Three Wise Guys.


This podcast isn’t a political platform, a current events show or a standard panel show. This is about three guys from completely separate countries, jobs, backgrounds and experiences sharing a unique look at a range of topics and events, from the effects of science fiction on modern culture (our first ever show) to technological break throughs and its effects on society. We don’t just look at the technology, or the media, or its implementation. We look at the whole, from its ethical uses, to the way it’s developed and its possible uses.



In this week’s show we take a look at Science Fiction and its effects on modern culture, From the Apple Ipad modeled after the PADD in Star Trek to the flying car and the mirror of TV shows and the decades they were made in, from the optimism of Star Trek in the 60’s, to the grim reboot of Battle Star Gallactica in the 2000’s.


From ex military, to a self confessed renaissance man of the sciences and arts, to a world traveled jeweler. Three Wise Guys offers a unique look at the world we live in today and will be tomorrow.


31 thoughts on “Three Wise Guys 001

  1. I blog frequently and I genuinely appreciate your information.
    This article has truly peaked my interest. I will bookmark your website and keep checking for new
    information about once per week. I subscribed to your Feed too.

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  3. Science fiction and fantasy is my favorite genre. It is the most socially acceptable way to discuss politics without offending anyone:) I look forward to hearing more!

    • Thanks! We just finished recording an episode on why scifi and fantasy aren’t taken seriously in culture and academic circles. We also had a guest interview with Prof Corey Olsen from Signum university, expert on fantasy and Tolkien.

    • Heh, you might be surprised at how offended (and offensive) one can get even through the genre, willy-nilly! But at least speculative fiction allows one to distance himself from the problems if he wishes (that’s one reason STAR TREK has gone on so well for so long).

      • A blessing and a curse, no one takes it seriously enough to be offended, but then again, no one takes it seriously enough to bother with really.

        The only example of speculative fiction really getting people up in ares is Phillip Pullmans Golden Compass series.

  4. Thanks, guys for following emotanafricana. I think this is a new idea, and with varying backgrounds and experiences, I’m sure yours is a welcome idea to the blogs out there.

    I’ll look in from time to time.

    Regards, and best of luck.

  5. Thanks for the follow. I find your podcast setup intriguing, I have to get back home to listen to it on my regular computer. I’m looking forward to doing that

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