Tolkien debates; Come one, come all!

We here at Three Wise Guys and Total Tolkien are excited to announce the first iteration of our Tolkien debate shows.




We are opening the floor to everyone, anyone interested in Tolkien and the topics with in are free to apply, we will select 8 people randomly so long as they meet the requirements (Have internet and a headset to talk into).


We will then announce a topic from the options submited, we have already had contract with several listeners who have put forward ideas such as the classic, Do Balrogs have wings, Where the Valar involved in the War of Wrath, was Numenor a good idea? Are Orcs immortal.


The first debate will probably be in about 2 weeks once everyone is prepared and times are sorted.


We will handle all the production and moderations, from recording of the debate, to editing the down time between talks and then posting it to our show feed and any other Tolkien sites interested in hosting this brand new event.


If you’d like to join contact us here or directly to the show at: Link

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